Early Stage Drug Development Company

We develops ionization improved modified drugs and repositioning new drugs

  • Acne treatment (Cream)

    Cream(Modified drug-Tretinoin)

    • Increased absorption
    • Increased persistence
    • Inhibition of influenza ‘neuraminidase’
  • Cardiovascular/Cerebrovascular drug (Oral administration)

    Oral administration
    (Angina pectoris, Atherosclerosis, Hyperlipidemia)

  • Cardiovascular/Cerebrovascular drug (Injection)

    (Stroke, Myocardial infarction)

Description of cardiovascular/cerebrovascular drug

Cause 1
  • As macrophages are aging, they lose their ability to break down cholesterol.
  • Cholesterol binds to the blood vessel wall by its binding to the inflammatory protein.
  • Accumulation of Calcium ions, inflammatory proteins, and macrophages make plaque formed.


Therapeutic effect

  • activation of macrophages
  • intake and decomposition of LDL cholesterol
  • decomposition and release of HDL
Cause 2
  • When fat deposits build up and narrow blood vessels, blood cannot pass well.
  • As the blood passes through the narrowed blood vessels, blood clots are gradually built up due to damages to the lining of the fat deposits As the blood vessels become narrow and clogged, blood flow is blocked.
  • Without blood supply, tissues die.

Treatment effect

preventing the formation of blood clots in the lining of fat deposits accumulated in the blood

Product comparison

Generic Potassium Retinoate
Drug action location Liver Blood
Function Anti-dyslipidemia or Anti-platelet Anti-dyslipidemia and Anti-platelet
Therapy Block Immune
Production cost Low Not high
Development period Short Not long