Early Stage Drug Development Company

We develops synthetic drugs and natural products-derived ND applying new

technology and API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) produces

Company Overview

Division Content
Company Name ArcaEir Inc.
CEO Byong-Cheol Shin
Establishment date June 28, 2013
Capital KRW 1,110,242,000
Issued stock No. of Common stock : 2,220,484
Main skills
  • Manufacture (synthesis, extraction) of APIs for acne treatment, atherosclerosis treatment, neuroblastoma, breast cancer, treatment, prostate cancer treatment, general anesthetic, etc.
  • Development of Organ-On-Chip Monitoring System under human-like environment
  • Culture of microalgae culture, Separation and purification of natural products
Executives & Staff members 9 persons
IPO Plan Planning KOSDAQ market listing
Patent Registration no. 11(including US registration no. 1)