Early Stage Drug Development Company

We develops synthetic drugs and natural products-derived ND applying new

technology and API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) produces


  • 02

    Relocation of Research Center
    (#323, Daedeok Biz Center, 17 Techno 4-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon)

  • 04

    Organ-On-Chip Monitoring System, IRB(Ajou University Hospital) approval

  • 10

    Organ-On-Chip Monitoring System, Selected as the grand prize(bio-technology)
    in the Digital Innovation Awards 2020
    (hosted by the Hankook Ilbo, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT)

  • 11

    Organ On-Chip Monitoring System, Conformity registration approval

  • 12

    Organ On-Chip Monitoring System, Patent technology transfer (US ArcaEir Pharmaceutical Inc., USD 500,000.00)


  • 06

    Relocation of headquarters
    (#323, Daedeok Biz Center, 17 Techno 4-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon)

  • 08

    Certificate of GMP - Approved for medical device
    manufacturing and quality control standards
    (Product: First-aid burn and wound dressing)

  • 12

    Patent transfer of synthesis method for 9-cis β-carotene
    (ArcaEir Pharmaceutical Inc. USA: USD 500,000.00)


  • 06

    Established GMP Facility
    (Products: First-Aid burn/wound dressing and burn ointment)
    (#605, Korea Medi-Venture Center, 76, Dongnae-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu)

  • 12

    Patented Technology Transfer: Chlamydomonas mutant and production method thereof
    (ArcaEir Pharmaceutical Inc. USA: USD 500,000.00)


  • 12

    Patented Transfer of First-Aid Dressing
    (ArcaEir Pharmaceutical Inc. USA: USD 300,000.00)

    (Composition for emergency treatment of burn injury and wounds and first aid gauze containing same)


  • 12

    Patent transfer of isomer purification system
    (ArcaEir Pharmaceutical Inc. USA: USD 300,000.00)


  • 04

    Venture business certification
    (Korea SMEs & Startups Agency, renewed in April 2021)

  • 12

    Patent transfer of technology for carotenoid purification system
    (ArcaEir Pharmaceutical Inc. USA: USD 300,000.00USD)


  • 01

    Transferred to a technology holding company of Kyungpook National University

    (Nano-Liposome Technology - Technical valuation 125 million KRW)

    Certificate of research institute from Korea MSIP
    (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning)

  • 05

    Establishment of Research Center

    Carotinoid-containing marine microorganism production process
    (Granted from Small and Medium Business Administration)

  • 06

    Development of Bio-technology R&CD grant from Science&Technology Research Association

    Separation and purification of 9-cis β-carotene from Dunaliella
    - Technical valuation 769 million won)


  • 06

    Launched ArcaEir Inc. (Daegu INNOPOLIS)

  • 10

    Partnership with Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

    (Supply of clinical drug intermediates(PI))