Early Stage Drug Development Company

We develops synthetic drugs and natural products-derived ND applying new

technology and API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) produces

Spirit of ArcaEir

“With the heart of Eir, the goddess of healing, we will be a company responsible for your health.”

* Mean of ArcaEir

In Norse mythology, “Eir” is a goddess or Valkyrie associated with outstanding medical skills and knowledge for the people, so she is symbol of Mercy and Peace. “Arca” is the etymology of “Ark” from the Latin word which means the “Box”.
Thus, “ArcaEir” means “The box of Eir who is the goddess of healing”. To be ArcaEir, we shall be the representative of Eir.


To Human life


Based on Safety analysis


From the ocean into the Human

ArcaEir is working hard for a healthier and happier life. Experts in each field are working together to identify the causes of diseases based on creativity. With the belief that the most important thing in treatment is safety, we are discovering and analyzing the source and origin of drugs from natural products. In addition, in order to deliver drugs more effectively, we are continuously developing technologies to improve the delivery ability through ionization of active pharmaceutical ingredient.
We wish you a more beautiful life.

ArcaEir Inc. CEO Byong-Cheol Shin